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Information and Options

High Quality Professional Prints

I work with the most prestigious printers of each continent to offer the maximum quality whose result, sharpness and contrast are optimal both in color and in black and white.

Certificate of Authenticity

The editions are numbered under the supervision of the artist and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Printed On

Each photograph is specially designed for one material, aluminum, paper, methacrylate with frame or without.

Different Size

The same photograph may be available in one or several formats. Each format has a particular limitation and each edition is limited and numbered.


Our printers use organic products in their processing of the paintings and UV inks without volatile organic compounds are used.

Some of the printing labs I use are:

Europe:  Saal Digital
America: Nations Photo Lab

Limited Edition Prints:

Certificate of Authenticity
& Dedicated

Each photograph is unique, unrepeatable and limited by Jordi Romo photographer. It means that if you wait too long this work of art can be revalued and in the worst case you can be without it.


Your Photo Printed On...

The best frame for perfect photography

Aluminium Dibond
  1. Composite aluminum panel 3 mm thick (matt).
  2. Direct printing of 6 inks, light inks or light inclusives.
  3. Superior strength, extraordinary sharpness, resistance to bending and atmospheric corrosion.
  4. According to the format, it is available with aluminum frames, standard hangers or screw-in supports.
Aluminium Dibon Butlerfinish
  1. Composite aluminum panel 3 mm thick.
  2. The polished surface of the aluminum presents reflections in those clear parts of the image.
  3. Direct UV printing of 6 inks, including light inks.
  4. Optionally with aluminum frame.
  1. Methacrylate with 5 mm or 10 mm thickness.
  2. Direct UV printing of 6 inks, including light or light inks.
  3. The image is printed directly on the back of the methacrylate sheet.
  4. The back of the methacrylate plate consists of an opaque sheet.
PVC Panel
  1. Panel of rigid foam PVC with 5 or 10 mm thickness.
  2. Direct UV printing of 6 inks, including light or light inks.
  3. Extraordinary firmness and resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
  4. Optionally, with high quality aluminum frame
Gallery Print
  1. Direct printing in methacrylate (2mm) with aluminum Dibond reinforcement panel (3mm)
  2. Choose between matte or glossy finish
  3. Direct UV printing of 6 inks, including light inks
  4. Optionally with aluminum frame, standard hangers or screw-in supports
  1. Selected natural color fiber (300 g / m²)
  2. Latex printing with a resolution of 300 dpi.
  3. Superior chromatic excellence and maximum sharpness
  4. Rugged frame made of real wood (2 cm)
Paper Fine Art
  1. 308 g / m²
  2. Soft 100% cotton surface texture
  3. Sublime sharpness
  4. Higher image depth
  1. Wooden frame adapted to the photocanvas.
  2. 8 mm visible joint between the frame and the canvas.
  3. Selected natural fiber textile canvas (300 g / m²).
  4. Mounting accessories included.
& Puzzles
  1. Cardboard puzzle
  2. 120 pieces
  3. 2 mm thick
  4. Bright surface
  5. The image size is 195 x 280 mm
  6. € 30 (excluding shipping costs)

Different Frame Size

From 10cm x 15cm to 110cm x 160cm for places with space or miniatures to decorate a story.


Supported frame size


Supported frame size


Supported frame size


Supported frame size

How to Hang Prints

Jordi Romo prints are magical, colorful pieces of art printed on a shiny surface. There are many things you can use to hang your print, like metal frames, shadow mounts, or metal brackets.

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